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TILT: Almost Spring Edition

The past few days when I wake up in the morning, usually between 6 and 7, I can feel the change. And not just the time change. I hear birds singing in the morning, instead of hearing the radiator hiss. As the sun appears I see water dripping from the roof as the snow piles in my backyard get smaller. Spring. Well, almost.

This past winter, dare I say it, hasn’t been so bad. Typically winter is when I’m holed up in my house, miserable and grumpy. This year I made the effort to actually leave the house. I had breakfast with friends. Shopped. Went to a mall spa. Wandered a local museum. I even snowshoed and went on a few hikes when we had strangely warm weather! But I also had quite a few things that helped me get through winter, and we’re not quite done with it yet, so here’s my list:

The Instant Pot

  • TWow. I did not believe the hype on this one. I tried a crockpot roughly 3-4 years ago and I hated it. Food was bland, dry, mushy. It got moved to the basement relatively quickly. The dogs (ahem) got me an Instant Pot for Christmas as I’d been talking to a few friends who liked theirs. Thus began my love affair. I’m a #SundayMealPrepper, and every week since we’ve gotten it, I make a soup for the week in it. Roasted tomato, broccoli cheddar, corn chowder, french onion, butternut squash…the list goes on. I love that I don’t have to use more than one pan, that I can get it set and cook something else, and that it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it in usually around 10 minutes. Last week I cooked chicken breast in it for a curry chicken salad and then made soup while that cooled. Just get one. Really.

Platformers Galore

  • I’ve been a gamer since I was a kid. Super Mario 3 is one of my favorite games (fun fact: Aaron bought me a tanooki Mario t-shirt when we were dating) and I’ve always been mostly into Nintendo and platformers. Aaron introduced me to the concept that I like a certain genre of game bought me a couple and that basically ended him touching the Switch from December – March. My favorites: Monster Boy, Shantae Half-Genie Hero (not embarrassed to admit I bought this after seeing Chrissy Teigen was obsessed with it), The Messenger, and I just finished up Iconoclasts. They’re all Metroidvania style platformers if that’s your jam.

Books & Books

  • I bought and received a lot of books. I didn’t finish most of them, some were pure pleasure reading, and others to get learnt (if you know me, I hope you hear me saying “GET LEARNT!” in the tone of voice you’re accustomed to).
    • Hey Ladies! A ridiculous journey through emails featuring every female millennial stereotype. I read in two days and it was like hate reading email threads from people you don’t know. If you want a quick and amusing read, go for it.
    • Unladylike – I bought this on a whim when I was at a local museum. While it is a delightful overview of feminism thus far, I’m a bit disappointed re: intersectionality. It’s written by two white ladies and while it seems they try, it isn’t really good enough. If you want a good overview, amazing illustrations (Tyler Feder is wonderful!) give it a shot.
    • Fed Up – I’m currently listening to this audiobook, which delves into the emotional labor of women. You’ll definitely find yourself nodding, mmhmming and angrily shaking your head on this one.

What are some of the things that are getting you through winter?

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