OrganizeIt! Cleaning Gadgets Edition

Anyone that knows even a little bit about me knows I love cleaning. Not just the end product, I actually love the entire process. You’ll never see me happier than when I have a new cleaning gadget and I get to try it out for the first time. My husband can attest to this as he walked up the stairs when he got home from work and found me huddled over in my underwear using my new handheld steamer in the shower and immediately blurted out, “IT MAKES EVERYTHING SO CLEAN!” This was moments after I had texted him to say I was going to take a shower and relax. Let’s be honest, cleaning is relaxation for me.

Recently I’ve made a few discoveries from various places on the internet (how did I know how to clean BEFORE the internet?):

Lil Chizler

I discovered this little dude late one insomnia filled night and ordered it without even remembering. I had seen this article from Real Simple about this tiny little scraper changing lives. What could I lose? They’re only $5 for two. They are GREAT. They scrape up EVERYTHING. And with all the different angles and ways to hold it you can get into every possible crevice. My favorite? Cleaning around faucets. Oh and grime on your oven. And an added bonus: their original purpose is for smoothing out bubbles from vinyl and other applications, so you can get your craft on, too. GO GET ONE.


Force of Nature

This cleaner is SCIENCE y’all. Force of Nature sent me two samples to try out (I’ve been thinking about buying the starter kit for a while) and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Force of Nature is electrolyzed water – salt, vinegar, and water produce two non-toxic cleaning ingredients:

  1. Sodium hydroxide: a commonly used detergent but without the bubbles– cleans even grease, grime & soap scum. Contains only.0000003%, yet cleans as well as major brands.
  2. Hypochlorous acid: cleans & deodorizes as well as bleach yet without toxic chemicals.

And then you have a safe & effective cleaner to use all around the house! I was a bit skeptical but I used my samples yesterday and it works great! I’m wary of using a lot of heavy duty cleaners (I usually use Method cleaners – SO MANY SCENTS!) because I have three dogs and I worry about the fumes from things like ammonia, bleach, etc. After I finish up these samples, I think the starter kit may be in my future!


Handheld Steamer

I had never even heard of a handheld steamer for cleaning! A long time ago I had an ancient steamer from Goodwill that was specifically meant for clothing, and I have a Shark Floor Steamer, but never one that could steam could clean surfaces or sinks or even tile! I gave this thing a whirl last week and I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a happy cleaning frenzy (as I mentioned earlier). There are tons of attachments for various things, I used the long hose that gave you more control over the nozzle which was great! It’s perfect for cleaning showers, blasting grossness out of sink drains, or really getting your grout clean. Unfortunately the one I purchased is no longer available, but the one I linked is very similar and has similar reviews as well.

What are your favorite cleaning gadgets? My next posts is going a little more technological, and I’ll share my favorite household phone apps!

P.S. Don’t forget you can download my FREE Cleaning and Household Stickers here in PDF, .studio3, and PNG formats!

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