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PlanIt! Valentine’s Day Planner Stickers – FREE printable!

I finally upgraded to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition this week – my big motivation? CUSTOM PATTERNS FOR STICKERS! I had a few issues upgrading this week (apparently some glitch with Macs and upgrading, sheesh) but finally today after a call with Silhouette support and some strange downgrading and upgrading, I FINALLY was able to get the latest version to work! There are a lot of great features unlocked with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, but I’ll save that for another post.

I love Valentine’s Day. I love everything about all the tacky decorations, the red and pink, and of course, the giant boxes of chocolates everywhere (I nearly bought myself one while I was grabbing something for dinner at the grocery store.) So of course I thought a Valentine’s Day kit would be perfect for my first kit design. I hope to add more types of stickers to my future kits, but I think this one is a good start.

Boxes are sized for ECLP vertical – both full, half, and quarter boxes. The weekend banners are sized for ECLP vertical as well. Blackout files are included, as always!

FREE Valentine's Day Planner Sticker Kit

Click here to download Valentine’s Day Sticker Kit in PDF, PNG, or .studio3

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