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PlanIt! Planner Sticker Making Frequently Asked Questions

Ah, sticker making. You think it’s going to be magically easy and then you realize you have this weird little machine with blades and its very own personality (and attitude). I already went over how to use a blackout file – which really helps with printables, but what about all the questions you have before you get to that point? Here are a few FAQ and their answers:

Where do I get sticker paper?

There are so many places!  I prefer matte paper, it’s easier to write on and sometimes the Silhouette has difficulty reading registration marks with the sheen on some glossy sticker papers.

The Silhouette White Sticker Paper is a great place to start. It’s often very cheap on Amazon, I LOVE the way it feels to write on it, and it makes colors incredibly vibrant.

When you’re really ready to commit to making stickers I suggest either OnlineLabels Printable Sticker Paper (100 Sheets), White Matte Inkjet/Laser – 8.5″ X 11″ which is a cheap, great basic sticker paper. It’s much thinner than the Silhouette paper so easier on certain printers (we’ll get to that later) and doesn’t make your planner as chunky.

If you’re looking for a more high quality sticker, I’m currently using 8.5″ x 11″ No Slit in Spectacle White.  The paper is such a crisp white, the colors are super vibrant, it’s a nice thickness, and it’s not too pricy.

The great thing about both and is you can order samples to try out! They have many options – including the ever coveted vinyl, so go request some samples!

What is a “kiss cut”?

A kiss cut is a cut that will cut only through the top layer of the sticker paper. This is what most people do for planner stickers so you have a sheet of stickers you can peel off the sheet. Usually when I cut I have it set so my Silhouette kiss cuts the stickers, and then cuts the sheets them selves out for me.

What cut settings do I use for my stickers?

This is a multi-faceted question. Every sticker paper is different, and often time, each Silhouette is different! It’s definitely a lot of trial and error in the beginning to figure out your proper cut settings. has a GREAT chart for using their materials in your Silhouette and a few other cutting machines! Right now for my paper I’m using my blade on 3, my speed on 4 or 5 (depending on how intriciate a design) and thickness on 13. This has given me the perfect kiss cut!

What printer should I use?

This is definitely a personal preference! I currently use an HP Envy 4520 and (now) I love it! I first had issues with it when using the Silhouette paper. It wouldn’t load the paper, or it would pull it through halfway and then starting printing. I was baffled. What I didn’t realize when I bought my printer is that it doesn’t accept thicker paper.  I didn’t realize this until I researched and read about my printer and it wasn’t made for printing on that paper weight. So my best advice for a printer – DO YOUR RESEARCH! Now that I’ve switched to a thinner sticker paper, I have 0 issues and the colors are incredibly vibrant.

I personally love my HP Envy 4520 because it was a) cheap b) wireless and c) I can use HP Instant Ink with it, so I’m never running out to buy cartridges. It’s basically like magic.

Why won’t my Silhouette read my registration marks?

I’ve had this problem a few times: the first time it was when I pushed my registration marks too far to the edge of the paper. Now I keep them at the following settings:

The other issue: LIGHTING! Shine a bright light over your Silhouette sensor. If the room you are working in is dimly or unevenly lit, it can struggle with reading the registration marks.

What questions do you have about making stickers? Leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help!





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