OrganizeIt! 10 Things To Do Today To Get Organized!

In January it seems 1,000 decluttering/cleaning/organizing challenges start. And while I love them (I’m doing a 91-day challenge right now, mostly for fun) I know that for a lot of people, they are INCREDIBLY overwhelming! If a long term challenge isn’t for you, but you want to do a few things to feel a bit more organized try these 10 things (or just one of them!) to get yourself more organized this year.

    • Throw away your expired beauty products.

Old eyeliner and mascara? Throw it away. That foundation that wasn’t quite the right color? Chuck it. Glitter mascara from 2002? Please, please get rid of it (though I still love glitter).

    • Vacuum under the couch.

      Who knows what’s lurking under there. I’m pretty sure mine has 5-7 tennis balls from the dogs. Take a deep breath and get rid of those dust bunnies!

    • Check the dates on your canned goods. Get rid of the expired ones.

      Those dried black beans that expired in 2012 aren’t going to get any younger. And they certainly aren’t going to become edible. It’s okay to part with them.

    • Add some important dates to your phone calendar.

      Always forget your dog’s birthday? (Entirely hypothetical.) What about your hair appointment that’s coming up in a few weeks? Put them in, set an alert, and you won’t forget this year!

    • Lay out your outfit for tomorrow.

      Is there anything more satisfying than starting to get ready in the morning and not having to make a clothing decision?

    • Throw away your holey/forever unmatched socks.

They’re just taking up space, you aren’t going to darn them, and they’ve probably lost their sole (GET IT?) mate.

    • Clean off your computer desktop and put up a new wallpaper

      This is my go to when I’m started to feeling overwhelmed. I take 5 minutes to organize the various files on my desktop into the appropriate folders, put up a seasonally appropriate desktop, and voila, instant organization.

    • Throw away a couple of magazines. At the very least.

I always hold onto magazines for far too long. As I type this I’m guiltily thinking about the wall mounted magazine rack in my reading nook that is stuffed full of 2015 and 2016 issues of Real Simple. Toss a few. It will be okay, I promise.

    • Open your email and unsubscribe from 1 list that you always delete.

Am I really ever going to subscribe to Home Chef? No. I can’t even remember how I signed up to get their emails. Tap that unsubscribe link! If you’re feeling a little wild, go after a few more.

    • Clean out your work bag or purse.

This I am always guilty of. I once had a tube of toothpaste in my work bag for so long that it eventually opened and turned most of my things quite minty fresh. Dump it out, throw away all the papers, binder clips, and old fruit. You’ll thank yourself later.

That’s it! Get to work! And let me know what your favorite quick organization tips are in the comments.

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