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Octer: An Online Shopping Mall



Since real malls are pretty terrible (at least my local one is, the only worthy store is Target) there aren’t really many options for seeing a bunch of different styles and brands in one convenient place. I mean sure, department stores offer more than one brand, but typically they aren’t as diverse as I’d like them to be, especially when I’m shopping for activewear. I have INCREDIBLY particular taste and need when it comes to activewear; I do yoga at least twice a week at a studio and several times a week for my home practice. I like high waisted, full length leggings and they absolutely have to be OPAQUE. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried on (even purchased one pair by accident) “yoga” leggings that are see through once you start ACTUALLY DOING YOGA IN THEM. I don’t like hunting around several different stores nor do I like loading half dozen different websites to see who has what and what’s on sale (because I’m cheap).  Enter Octer.

octer-com-1 started in 2014 as a way to search multiple places for the same type of items without having to go between a bunch of sites. Everything is in one place and it features many of the best department stores. So, I can find the Activewear category, choose leggings, and scroll through 100s of pairs at once from several different place. And the best part? I check on little box “Sale Items Only” and VOILA – sale leggings galore.

Octer also has a mobile app, so you can browse on your phone as well (who uses their computer anymore?). You can search by department or browse by store! And Octer features one of my favorite stores, TJMaxx, so I’m sure to be browsing by store in the near feature. Also, you don’t need to search for just clothes – other departments include Home & Garden, Beauty, & (one of my personal love) Stationery!

So if you’re in the market for some yoga pants or whatever else you wear all winter, check out Octer and let me know what you think!

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