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PlanIt! Health Section: Part II – Yoga with Free Yoga Journal!

Oh, my planner problem. It has become such a huge thing that I never anticipated. I had no idea there was this whole lovely community of ladies that love stationery, organizing, planning, writing letters, and paper crafts. It totally reignited my lifelong love of all things considered papergoods. Ever since I was a kid I would buy special notebooks or stationery and then never use them because I thought they were too nice to write in. I just loved having them and thought that one day when I had the right moment I’d use them. Fast forward – I’m buying all those nice notebooks and that pretty stationery – and I’m ACTUALLY using it!

I actually have TWO planners now…I’ve moved my daily/weekly/monthly schedule planning into my Inkwell Press Planner (review to come soon – I’m in love!) and now my DIY planner is solely focused on me! So onto Part II of series on my Health Section – fitness! And more specifically, something I’ve mentioned before that has become an important part of my life – YOGA!

The Backstory:

A couple of years ago I started working out regularly (that’s how I met A!) and I got into running. I trained for several 5K races but it turns out distance running isn’t really my thing (yes, a 5K is a distance to me!) As I was trying to find a winter workout that I enjoyed (Fun Fact: any class with bootcamp in the name is not for me. So traumatic.) I started going to a community yoga class once a week. I got really hooked after that and attended classes all last winter, but now have shifted to mostly a home practice. And as anyone who has tried to establish a yoga home practice knows, you really need to set aside the time and space to do so.

Yoga can often feel overwhelming at home when you don’t have an instructor leading you through poses and at first I struggled with thinking I needed to have a video or an app leading me. While I often do enjoy having one or the other (I know I’ve mentioned my love for Yoga Studio for the iPhone before!) I also discovered the best part about having a home practice is just to listen to your body, set an intention, and do what you want to do. So sometimes I’ll do a half hour class, or rounds of sun salutations, and other times I’ll just play with poses that I’m working on or ones that I really love. This lead to the creation of another printable!

I wanted a way to record my intention, be mindful, and also keep track of what I was working on for asanas. The printable has all of those things and a visual for sun salutations! (I even put little check boxes to check off rounds of sun or moon salutations.) It’s again A5 and I’ve included it with right and left margins. This is perfect to create your own little yoga journal within your planner!

Click here to download.

Free Yoga Printable Journal

P.S. I now have printable fitness planner stickers available as a FREE download! There’s a yoga icon!

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