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Reading: I’m in the midst of reading a bunch of ARCs – one that I’m really thrilled about (and so far is fantastic!) is Homemakers by Brit Morin, the founder of Brit & Co. I’m not going to go into too much detail here – but I’m excited to share my review soon. It’s really refreshing to read a DIY book from a tech perspective, especially since my house is very tech oriented (A is a web developer!) I really need to pick up some fiction soon, this is the longest stretch I’ve ever read any sort of nonfiction in my life; it feels a bit strange.

Drinking: Lattes. I seem to be going through another latte phase and I’ve also gotten to the point where I have a very particular coffee order, which I’m slightly ashamed of. It’s almost hard for me to utter, “triple skim latte, extra foam please” at the counter with a straight face.

Eating: So much quinoa. I’ve been making quinoa bowls for lunch – tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, olive oil and lemon. I can’t get enough of it. So easy to prep for the week and then have in tiny tupperware containers to grab everyday for work. I also pretty much want to put feta on everything right now.

Doing: COUPONING. I never thought this would be me. Then again I swore I would never “settle down” and have a house and learn to cook, but here I am playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen of my house most days of the week. In an effort to be more of an adult I’m trying to be more mindful of my spending ($5.50 lattes notwithstanding, ahem) and decided to give couponing a shot since we seem to spend a ridiculous amount on food. The first time, we saved around $12. However, on Sunday, we saved $40! BOOM. NAILING IT WITH COUPONS.

Getting Back Into: YOGA! Again! I haven’t been able to make it back to my yoga studio in recent months because the class times aren’t lining up with my schedule anymore, so I’m trying to establish a home practice. I rarely pay for apps on my iPhone, but last year I bought Yoga Studio after reading reviews and it’s seriously great. There are pre-made classes for all levels and it’s really easy to make your own classes (they even provide transitions for you!). The classes range in length from 10 minutes to an hour – today I did three short classes – one exclusively rounds of sun salutations. I really can’t rave about this app enough – and I even earned a 75 cent coupon off of egg whites! (Okay, yeah that’s a bit weird.) (Side Note: I’d only recommend this app if you have a decent background in yoga from classes – I know it looks like anyone can do basic asanas, but for correct form and proper alignment it’s really important to have an instructor so you don’t get hurt!)

Watching: I’ve been on a bit of a Brit drama bender. I really can’t get enough of Broadchurch right now. First season was good, but this second season has me hooked. I found myself looking over at A today and gasping, “OMG THERE MUST BE A NEW BROADCHURCH FROM MONDAY!” I don’t watch Dr. Who, so this is my first experience with David Tennant and I kind of adore him. It makes me almost want to try Dr. Who again.

Whining About: Speaking of being an anglophile, the Hershey’s lawsuits against importers of Cadbury and other British chocolate is a very sore subject for me. There’s a British expat store near me and I adore going there and stocking up on all the goods I used to eat when I lived in the UK for grad school. It was such a treat – A and I really splurged around Christmas and got a bunch of holiday goodies and decided it would be our tradition. Well, it won’t be so if Hershey’s has their way. Any British readers want to be my Cadbury importer?

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