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Reading: As I’ve mentioned I’m reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I’ll be writing about here once I finish. So far, I love it. It’s no secret that I’m a neat freak. A was just making fun of me with my mom and best friend from home because I can’t leave the house unless it’s clean, because I don’t like coming home to a messy house. And he also enjoys making fun of my before bed routine, which involves wiping down the kitchen counters, wiping down the sink in the downstairs bathroom, making sure the afghans are in their appropriate folded positions in the living room, clearing off the coffee table and MAYBE doing a quick vacuum. I LIKE A TIDY HOME. Basically this book is just feeding my cleanly desires – and luckily, I already follow a lot of the recommendations in it, but I’m excited to learn more. Last week I donated a ton of clothing and various household items to A and I don’t use to Goodwill – two giant boxes and a yard trash bag!

On my list after that is, Listful Thinking, yet another organization book. I love lists – I have so many stashed on my phone, on my computer at work – so I’m totally into learning how to use my lists a bit more effectively, which leads to to what I’m…

Doing: I have this really terrible habit of refusing to throw away magazines. Which is bizarre considering how much I love to clean and purge things I don’t need. I can get rid of clothes, vintage plates I don’t use anymore, yet I had two full magazine racks and some stashed in my couch storage. While on mini-vaca I went through ALL of my food magazines, ripped out all the interesting recipes, and then created binders broken into categories! I added all the recipes I’ve printed out and favorites from our Plated days and voila! No more hunting for my favorite recipes AND a bunch of new ones to try!

Watching: A and I have been gleefully binging on Friends since New Year’s Day. It’s on while I type this, and Rachel just found out about Miss Chanandaler Bong and Monica Bang. I can still remember watching the series finale my freshmen year of college – this show makes me so nostalgic! I still love 30 Rock more.

Cooking: Desserts. I’ve been on vacation and I was ALL about desserts. Brownies, cookies, frosting, cakes, cupcakes…it’s been a non-stop barrage of baked goods. I’m going to go on a bit of a dessert hiatus (because I’m not sure that my body can physically handle any more sugar) – and I think I’m moving on to bread!

Wearing: These amazing leggings by Marika’s Balance Collection. When I started yoga last year I got hooked on them – and A got me two new pairs for Christmas! THEN I went to TJ Maxx and found a this paint splash purple, blue, & black printed pair and nearly cried. They’re so thick, soft, and they don’t stretch out. I believe I currently own a total of 6 pairs. If you hunt TJ Maxx you can often find them and A scored them really cheap at Boscovs! I wear the to yoga and I wear them as normal leggings – living in the Northeast, it’s cold and I’ve never found any other leggings to be as warm as these.

Coveting: This A5 Malden Ochre Planner. I’m obsessively researching planners. Somehow I had no idea that there are tons of blogs devoted to making really beautiful, useful, creative planners! I love crafting, I love planning, I love organizing – how did I miss this trend? I’m 90% sure I’m going to buy a Filofax A5 after days of research with other Sarah and discussion of brand, size, ease of use, availability of printables, etc. Our first thing planned? A PLANNER ORGANIZATION WEEKEND.



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