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Cookbook Review: The Kitchn Cookbook

I stumbled upon The Kitchn via Facebook and found myself constantly saving links to various recipes everyday thereafter. I’ve made things like slow cooker burrito bowls, slow cooker chicken tikka masala and my ultimate favorite which very recently disappeared in a 48-hour-period – cranberry cake! I absolutely love the site – I love how you can search for things by diet (low sodium, vegetarian, low sugar, etc), meal, a certain holiday and I really just love the recipes they have. So, when I got the chance to get The Kitchn Cookbook, I couldn’t help myself.





The Good:

What I really love about this cookbook is that is truly covers your whole kitchen. From the best work flow, what tools you should have and even how to stock your pantry – it has everything. It’s also written in a non-condescending and useful way. Sometimes I find cookbooks to either expect you to know everything or are condescending (oh, you can substitute regular milk for almond milk? COME ON GWYNETH.) but Kitchn really balances the informative parts well. Since I just bought my first house with A in April, I’ve been working really hard to figure out the best setup for the kitchen. I’m lucky because I have a really beautiful work space and lots of cabinets for all of my cookware – but ever the organizer, I loved digging into this book. This is definitely the first cookbook I’ve sat down to really read. THERE IS EVEN A DAILY PLANNER FOR CLEANING YOUR KITCHEN. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love to clean (and how often I clean…) so this really appealed to me. I know some may think this is a book for an “inexperienced” cook – but really, I think anyone could benefit from a book that has a lot of the basics in it – even if just for reference.
Devoured cranberry cake

The Not-So-Good:

My only major criticism is the recipe portion seems a bit crowded. I don’t like having more than one recipe per page when I’m in the kitchen going back and forth between things – it’s hard to see them when they’re in the little columns. It’s hard to stop to find your place on the page – I wish they each had their own page and that the font was a bit bigger.

Overall, this is a great addition to my growing cookbook collection and with winter heavily upon us in the Northeast (HELLO SNOW!) I know I’ll be in the kitchen experimenting for many months to come!

Coming Up in Blogland:

  • A tour of my 1970s themed kitchen!
  • A DIY of my adorable end table
  • Some features from two of my friends who are also doing some great things – Veronica who is making her own body butters and salt scrubs, and the other Francesca, who has her her very own lifestyle blog!



*This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review!
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