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I find that when you hit the late 20s of your life, you have a variety of crises that often manifest in strange ways. In 2013, it was the year of the fitness crisis. I went from sedentary-Sarah eating pasta with butter and cheese while watching Gossip Girl,  to running 7 days a week and training for a series  of (READ THAT: MORE THAN ONE) 5K races around the county.

Me, or Robot Me, finishing the Fall Foliage 5K while wearing my 1980s running leggings..

Me, or Robot Me, finishing the Fall Foliage 5K while wearing my 1980s running leggings..

Once running lost my interest a bit, I dove into my next fitness/spiritual venture: YOGA. 10 pairs of yoga leggings and many expensive classes later, I was getting myself into shoulderstands and other precarious poses and feeling pretty peaceful in general.

But then we bought a house.

Hi House!

Hi House!

Besides all of the obvious reasons your life completely changes when you buy a house, YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY CHANGES WHEN YOU BUY A HOUSE. You suddenly have all this space. And a yard. And stairs. And several porches. And a pool that needs a new liner and FUN FACT has the remains of two dead squirrels embracing one another in it. (I am so sorry squirrels, it was before my time here, it won’t happen again. And please, stop going in our attic space at night as revenge, you’re really, really upsetting Ham.)

And if you’re me, when you buy a house. YOU NEST. Oh, lord do you nest. And while a lot of my nesting is scouring Goodwill and used furniture places for things to DIY, the other major part is COOKING. I started out with Plated, which I’ve since ditched because I now own these big strange things called cookbooks. And I have 4-5 types of flour, at least 5 different vinegars, several types of sugar, and enough spices to fill the entire middle shelf of one of my cabinets. I cook! REAL FOOD! I make things like tofu stir fry! Tikka masala! Baked oatmeal! Peanut butter and Nutella brownies! AND THEN I EAT THEM.

For some reason it took me years to understand that once you learn how to cook, you can make delicious things that you really like…and then eat them. It took until 2014 for me to understand this and begin my food crisis. I’m not quite sure why I had such a disconnect. But now I cook things and then I get the enjoy the hell out of them. Who knew this was a thing? I’m currently pretty obsessive with making sure we aren’t eating a lot of processed food. A and I both came from bachelor & bachelorette lifestyles – cooking for me was the microwave and for him was the toaster oven. It’s taken a while, but we’ve got this down. We rarely eat out, we don’t have any frozen or quick meals, and we usually cook dinner together 5 nights a week.

These are the current two blogs I’ve been cooking from HEAVILY:

  •  How Sweet Eats (and her cookbook Seriously Delish – if you don’t own it, JUST BUY IT) Jessica’s recipes are always delicious, creative, full of flavor, and easy to make. Her blog is fun to read and A and I have been amazed by every single thing I’ve made. He made me the vanilla funfetti cupcakes from her cookbook for my birthday – I ate them for breakfast. For a week.

  •  The Kitchn was an accidental discovery – one of those weird things that pops up in your feed that someone you know liked a link of a boyfriend of their second cousin on Facebook. They lured me in with slow cooker recipes (burrito bowls anyone?) and I have been hooked since. Latest dish: sausage and blistered tomato gnocchi skillet. Simple and delicious.

So, I’m going to start talking a lot about cooking. And experimenting with recipe, ranging from simple to a bit more complicated. And of course, DIYing, decorating and my true love, thrifting. I hope you join me again, because it feels really nice to be typing on my laptop and not doing something for work.


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So, tell me, what are you cooking?

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