How does casino fashion differ for men and women?

If you are looking for some suggestions regarding what you should wear for a night out at a casino, then the chances are that you have never been to one before. Perhaps you have had some experience playing at online casinos such as and now you want to try your hand at the real thing, or perhaps you have been asked out on a date by some high rolling dude you’ve only recently met. Perhaps you are organising a hen party at a casino, if so then make sure that it is in Las Vegas.
While it doesn’t matter what you wear when you play online, in fact ever since getting one of those waterproof smartphones one of our favourite occupations is relaxing in the bath on a Sunday afternoon for a little online bingo, but this is certainly not the case at a real one. What you wear can matter very much, especially if you are going there with that high rolling dude. You could check out the casino dress code, but if you do then it will certainly day smart casual, which isn’t really very much help. The chances are your dude will be wearing a designer suit and will be out to impress, so you need to hold your end up too, so go for a nice designer dress.
If that isn’t your style you could go for skirt and top, but do try to avoid jeans, certainly they come within the modern definition of smart casual, but really you would be missing an opportunity. Take it from me, high rolling dudes like their women to look pretty. If you must wear jeans then avoid ripped jeans, you might not get in through the door.

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