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I’m always in the middle of several books. I have a pile of poetry books from the press I work for on my nightstand. And A bought me the final book in the Margaret Atwood Oryx and Crake series. The most consistent thing I’ve been reading is Paul Auster’s Brooklyn Follies. I’m a big fan of Paul Auster both fiction and poetry alike. Despite having a Kindle, I still love having a book in my hands that I can throw in my bag or put on my nightstand.


Everything Christmas! A and I cut down our own tree at a local farm. We went on a cheesy hay ride, wandered around hills for about a half hour until I deemed one tree the perfect one, and the A chopped it down. A was the perfect height for measuring our tree – our ceilings are a little over 7 feet, and A is 6’4″ so I made him stand next to at least 20 different trees. It’s my first real tree of my own, I’ve always had fake ones and it was really lovely to wander around the tree farm, drinking hot cocoa and eat cider donuts, and then drag our tree upstairs and put it up together. And now it’s equally as fun trying to prevent the dogs (coughHamicough) from stealing various items from the tree. So far the only casualty has been a Darth Vader santa, and Ham has enjoyed destuffing it and running around with the apartment with it and I’l all about seasonally appropriate toys! We’ve also watched The Muppet Family Christmas, Elf, eaten McDonald’s holiday pies (AMAZING), looked at Christmas lights around town, and worn out the She & Him Christmas album.



Next Gen. At first I was a little taken aback at how entirely campy the first few episodes are – I didn’t remember that aspect of it at all. The pilot is filled with Q and I didn’t know what to do. So I started putting it on in the background and only half-paying attention to it while I did other things. But it’s progressively become the amazing show I remember, with Picard consistently sassing Data, Worf being super angsty, Beverly having the best sexual tension with Picard, and Q appearing from time to time to eff everything up. An of course Picard yelling, “SHUT UP WESLEY!” And I mean, every girl that has ever watched this show has a crush on Data right? Fav quotes thus far:

“SHUT UP WESLEY!” – Captain Picard

“Klingons appreciate strong women.” – Worf

“Data, let’s proceed without the pipe.” – Captain Picard


The season! November & December are my favorite winter months. I love Christmastime. Lights, trees, music, pine scented candles! Seasonally appropriate toys for the dogs! Seasonally appropriate TV episodes! SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE EVERYTHING! The Christmas Fire on the TV!


Working On:

The blog. It feels so good to have a, as I would like to deem it, “winter hobby,” that feels so productive. It’s so satisfying writing down blog ideas, being back on twitter, getting back into the swing of it. And it’s nice to have A coaching me along the way with various CSS and HTML modifications – so useful! I’m also working on writing poetry again – some college friends and I are going to have an informal workshop group so we can all work on various writing projects this winter. Also, delving into the poetry that we publish at the press has been trickling inspiration into me as well.


YOGA. I’ve been going to a community yoga class every Sunday for four weeks. I first thought it would just be a one-time thing for me, but I kinda fell in love with it. With the other workouts I do, including a bootcamp class, Yoga feels like a treat every Sunday. Not to say it isn’t a challenge, because it  most certainly is, but the stretching out of my muscles and the increase of flexibility are noticeable not just after a class, but during class. I like the measurability of results and how relaxed I feel afterward. I’m already looking forward to tonight’s class!

 What are you up to today?

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