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2013: Where have I been?

Oh, hey that's me. With a coffee.

Oh, hey that’s me. With a coffee.

The oh so familiar empty box on WordPress. Well it used to be familiar then WordPress apparently got swank and I was able to choose a “coffee” theme or “latte” or something and now it’s various soothing shades of brown that it never used to be.

Wait. I was writing something.

Oh yes, the familiar empty text box on WordPress. I used to be here daily. Writing up a storm about plus size fall fashion or wide calf boots or where I was shopping. And then there was a stint (which I will call a SUCCESS because I found those to be maybe some of my funniest posts, but whatever) where I wrote about my Single Life it all its glory.

Well, well, well, how the times have changed in life of Sarah.

Let’s cut to the chase here.


It’s not really a big secret that plus sized Sarah…well, isn’t plus sized anymore. From 2010-2013 I’ve lost over 100 lbs. It was pretty gradual. A lot of walking, working at various jobs (we’ll get to that later), and then eventually running, and bam, here I am. So, one big reason I stopped writing on my blog is…well, I completely alienated my readership didn’t I? It’s taken a while but I’m just going to start fresh. I really miss writing and my current job has really given me the time and the inspiration to write again, which brings me to another life change:

My new job.

I now work or an independent press and I am surrounded by beautiful books on a daily basis. I mean excruiatingly beautiful words are on my desk, in my workbag, on my nightstand…it’s amazing to be surrounded by the thing I love for the first time in my adult life. And I work part-time now, which is a luxury I never thought I’d have. More time + beautiful words = blogging!

And finally…that aforementioned Single Sarah? The one going on the rare OKCupid date, but mostly devoting her life to her apartment and dogs? Oh, she’s also gone. Once upon a time ago, a wonderful dude that shall only be called “A” for the purposes of this blog (and for some semblance of privacy on his part) appeared in my world. I started going for runs with him, he started walking my dogs with me, more and more excuses were made to spend time together (“Oh, hey you wanna play fetch with Hami?” “You want to come over to my place for game night?”) and one slightly tipsy kiss in my kitchen later, we’re “us.”

And an indiscernible period of time after that, he moved into my my apartment, and now we live in this strange vintage 1970s decorated apartment that has a 55″ TV and a Roomba.

So I think that gets everyone up to speed, no? So, I don’t know what I’ll blog. Life. Stuff. Relationships (A has already told me I can write about ours!).  Whatever I feel like. So, welcome back. And uh, stay tuned. Also, how cute is my new logo?

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