If I wasn’t a raging hipster…

…I’d stop wearing long cardigans layered with more long cardigans and I’d have some very sleek, minimalist apartmetn decor. But I don’t.

Sometimes I look at my apartment and my clothes and I wonder what it would be like to complete overhaul everything. And then after 30 seconds, I realize that is a TERRIBLE idea and I would have to open up a vintage 1970s etsy shop for my apartment, and separate vintage polyester dress shop for my clothing. I recently went from a job where I had to wear business clothes everyday to a job where I can wear whatever I want.  Everyday, except for when we’re on the road.

And while I absolutely love the fact that I am wearing skinny jeans, a striped sweater from the Sarah Jessica Parker collection that was at Steve & Barry’s (WHAAAAT? Do you remember that?), my knee high boots, and my go to slouchy hat that I alternate with my other signature slouchy hat, sometimes…just sometimes I miss the fance.  And I never really know what to wear so I default to my jeans and hat and such. But was browsing the Spiegel website, and I put together a compromise of mixing some work wear with a bit of casual wear.

(Except I know I’m still going to be too lazy to actually put on something besides jeans and a wear shirt everyday. )


I don't know how to dress for work
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