I love you Ke$ha.

This week I…

  • Had the best arcade night EVER and won 300 tickets on the Wheel of Fortune stop-the-light game, which I then used to get a RIBBON DANCER
  • Stopped biting my nails
  • Have been attempting to paint my nails and they look like a 3-year old did them
  • Donated 4 bags of clothing to the Goodwill and felt really liberated
  • Bought not one, but FOUR polyester floral dresses from the Goodwill for $1.99 each..and they are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL (to me)

This week I learned…

  • My mom is, and always will be, awesome.
  • I over-analyze the living hell out of things
  • Sometimes I just need to remind myself to breathe
  • I can’t let other peoples’ criticism and judgment affect me so much, it ruins entire days
  • I need to start writing again, hopefully my new typewriter (SURPRISE!) will aid in this
  • I don’t miss things I used to miss anymore, and it’s really freeing

This week I confess…

  • I listened to Lady Gaga & Ke$ha everyday at work. Exclusively. Particularly “Harold’s Song” and “Marry the Night.”
  • I ate whoopie pies for breakfast at least twice. Once was oatmeal maple bacon and the other was red velvet. Ok, I lied. It was three times. And the third one was lemon.
  • I’m addicted to Scramble with Friends. I was staring at my computer keyboard the other night trying to make words without even realizing what I was doing.
  • I love instagram and you should follow me on and see a lot of pictures of my dogs. I’m tabayag. Durr.
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