Thrift Funday: Part One

This weekend, which seemed to begin on Thursday, was the best weekend of 2012. I’m just going to declare it now, because I highly doubt any other weekend is going to be filled with as much fun and excitement as this one. My friend Brittney and I had declared that Sunday was going to be our thrift day, and excited woke up at 9 am (even after being out drinking and dancing the night prior) to begin our excursion. With iced coffees in hand, we arrived 15 minutes before one of my faovrite places in the world opened: Sanford and Kid.


Sanford and Kid is an antique, used furniture, everything you could possibly imagine under one roof store. It is the happiest place in the world. Downstairs is filled with furniture and odds and ends, and upstairs booths are rented by various dealers and filled with vintage and antique goods. EVERYWHERE. The leather chaise lounge you may have seen in this post was purchased there 3 years ago, and may be my one true love. There is one booth upstairs that I think my kindred spirit puts together. I am pretty sure they think, “Oh, Sarah would love this, I shall put it in the booth that I carefully construct for her.” I’m pretty sure if we ever meet we’ll be best friends or get married. Or both. So take a tour through one of my favorite places on this earth, and stay tuned for part II – I’ll be revealing my exciting finds from the weekend!

Meet Sanford & Kid

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