Goodwill Adventures Part 1 of 3,472

I love Goodwill. Like really, obsessively LOVE it. Last year when I got my first Alone Apartment (yes, that is capitalized) I was unemployed, so I really didn’t have money for anything but rent, bills, and food. Luckily, I had some pretty awesome friends who took me to Goodwill my first week back in town so I could buy dishes and vintage coffee air pot glass insulated coffee dispensers. After that first revisit, my love for the Goodwill was strong…and the fact that I could spend $10 and get like 57 things was also really appealing.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of Goodwills. Even giant Goodwill superstores. I have never loved another Goodwill the way I love the one in my town. I may never love another. I have really ugly taste. I’ll completely own to that. I don’t really remember when it happened. But some time after grad school, I started buying a lot of ugly polyester dresses. And I mostly stuck to ugly clothes. It wasn’t until I got my Alone Apartment that the crazy decorating began. And it’s only gotten worse since I moved into this apartment – probably because this place was built in the 1770s, so it has a lot of character and I can’t resist buying things to decorate it. Like I said in my last post, my apartment is my boyfriend.

I go to Goodwill on a weekly basis with a friend of mine and it’s the same pattern: get a cart, collect a whole bunch of things (and try to hide some from the other person because we know they will tell us to put it back), go to the back, decide what we’re NOT getting, and then compete at the register to see who spends the least. The people that work at Goodwill know us and greet us like we’re besties. It’s my favorite day of the week. So this begins the first of many posts where I’m going to share with you my vintage finds. They will range from weird plates to macrame owls (my owl collection is a whole other problem that we’ll have to discuss in another post…or five.)



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