In my own backyard

This past week the spring weather overtook the Berkshires and everything finally turned green. Everything had been dead for so long, it seemed the leaves grew on the trees in my backyard overnight. With sunshine and spring weather comes a happier me. Especially now that I have a real, live, lovely backyard which I haven’t had since I officially moved out of my parents house and got my first apartment in 2006. I love waking up to sunshine streaming in my windows and to birds chirping, instead of the sounds of cars driving by and the smell of exhaust. My neighborhood is so quiet. I can hear the church bells ring every hour downtown and the train blow its whistle. (However, there are times of screaming neighbors and annoying children, but I am choosing to gloss over those moments because they annoy me to the extreme.)

I’ve slowly been converting my backyard into a cool place to hang out, but I lack things like a lawn mower, a weed whacker, a shovel…the basic yard necessities, so it’s a bit slow going. The former tenant left a TON of random stuff that I’ve had to throw out. I get jealous of my neighbor’s backyard, because she has 4 tiered raised beds..yes, FOUR, that all look PERFECT. I’d like to think of my yard as more of a hipster yard…it’s got some character, some messiness. I can’t keep up with the Joneses. BUT I do have a fancy hose on a fancy hose thing and a….SPRINKLER. I just picture fat girls running around in the sprinkler in my backyard. Ahh…summer. Thus far I have a cool sitting area:

The Sitting Area, featuring my cherry coffee mug, World War Z, Generation X, and my MBP

And the sitting area has a pretty spectacular view:

Why, hello, mountainous sunset.

I’ve been spending my time sitting out there watching the dogs run around, coloring my hair, watching YouTube videos at night with a friend, reading books…it’s a pretty fabulous spot. I’m instituting a taco night with my friends for the summer, to be had at my lovely little abode, and I’m looking forward to gathering people into my backyard for the first time. Little things like this excite me. I also really want to get a cheap fire bowl or fire place, so we can all sit around the fire at night…currently, I daydream a lot about my yard:


Anyone else a grandma that daydreams about their yard? What are your Spring/Summer outdoor plans?

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