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I love you Ke$ha.

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I love you Ke$ha.

This week I…

  • Had the best arcade night EVER and won 300 tickets on the Wheel of Fortune stop-the-light game, which I then used to get a RIBBON DANCER
  • Stopped biting my nails
  • Have been attempting to paint my nails and they look like a 3-year old did them
  • Donated 4 bags of clothing to the Goodwill and felt really liberated
  • Bought not one, but FOUR polyester floral dresses from the Goodwill for $1.99 each..and they are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL (to me)

This week I learned…

  • My mom is, and always will be, awesome.
  • I over-analyze the living hell out of things
  • Sometimes I just need to remind myself to breathe
  • I can’t let other peoples’ criticism and judgment affect me so much, it ruins entire days
  • I need to start writing again, hopefully my new typewriter (SURPRISE!) will aid in this
  • I don’t miss things I used to miss anymore, and it’s really freeing

This week I confess…

  • I listened to Lady Gaga & Ke$ha everyday at work. Exclusively. Particularly “Harold’s Song” and “Marry the Night.”
  • I ate whoopie pies for breakfast at least twice. Once was oatmeal maple bacon and the other was red velvet. Ok, I lied. It was three times. And the third one was lemon.
  • I’m addicted to Scramble with Friends. I was staring at my computer keyboard the other night trying to make words without even realizing what I was doing.
  • I love instagram and you should follow me on and see a lot of pictures of my dogs. I’m tabayag. Durr.

Thrift Funday: Part One

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Thrift Funday: Part One

This weekend, which seemed to begin on Thursday, was the best weekend of 2012. I’m just going to declare it now, because I highly doubt any other weekend is going to be filled with as much fun and excitement as this one. My friend Brittney and I had declared that Sunday was going to be our thrift day, and excited woke up at 9 am (even after being out drinking and dancing the night prior) to begin our excursion. With iced coffees in hand, we arrived 15 minutes before one of my faovrite places in the world opened: Sanford and Kid.


Sanford and Kid is an antique, used furniture, everything you could possibly imagine under one roof store. It is the happiest place in the world. Downstairs is filled with furniture and odds and ends, and upstairs booths are rented by various dealers and filled with vintage and antique goods. EVERYWHERE. The leather chaise lounge you may have seen in this post was purchased there 3 years ago, and may be my one true love. There is one booth upstairs that I think my kindred spirit puts together. I am pretty sure they think, “Oh, Sarah would love this, I shall put it in the booth that I carefully construct for her.” I’m pretty sure if we ever meet we’ll be best friends or get married. Or both. So take a tour through one of my favorite places on this earth, and stay tuned for part II – I’ll be revealing my exciting finds from the weekend!

Meet Sanford & Kid

Goodwill Adventures Part 1 of 3,472

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Goodwill Adventures Part 1 of 3,472

I love Goodwill. Like really, obsessively LOVE it. Last year when I got my first Alone Apartment (yes, that is capitalized) I was unemployed, so I really didn’t have money for anything but rent, bills, and food. Luckily, I had some pretty awesome friends who took me to Goodwill my first week back in town so I could buy dishes and vintage coffee air pot glass insulated coffee dispensers. After that first revisit, my love for the Goodwill was strong…and the fact that I could spend $10 and get like 57 things was also really appealing.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of Goodwills. Even giant Goodwill superstores. I have never loved another Goodwill the way I love the one in my town. I may never love another. I have really ugly taste. I’ll completely own to that. I don’t really remember when it happened. But some time after grad school, I started buying a lot of ugly polyester dresses. And I mostly stuck to ugly clothes. It wasn’t until I got my Alone Apartment that the crazy decorating began. And it’s only gotten worse since I moved into this apartment – probably because this place was built in the 1770s, so it has a lot of character and I can’t resist buying things to decorate it. Like I said in my last post, my apartment is my boyfriend.

I go to Goodwill on a weekly basis with a friend of mine and it’s the same pattern: get a cart, collect a whole bunch of things (and try to hide some from the other person because we know they will tell us to put it back), go to the back, decide what we’re NOT getting, and then compete at the register to see who spends the least. The people that work at Goodwill know us and greet us like we’re besties. It’s my favorite day of the week. So this begins the first of many posts where I’m going to share with you my vintage finds. They will range from weird plates to macrame owls (my owl collection is a whole other problem that we’ll have to discuss in another post…or five.)



Spring Fever (more like panic)

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Spring Fever (more like panic)

Remember that week in March where it hit nearly 80? And I was ridiculously excited? And opened all my ancient windows (while simultaneously fearing I would never get them shut again) and turned off my heat, and sang to the dogs about it, and made them go for long walks on their tripler where they walked like a little pack of mini sled dogs?

Me either.

I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to get out of work at 6, and still have nearly 3 hours of daylight before me. I’m ready to put my winter coat back in the closet so it’s not hanging out on my gentleman’s valet taking up valuable decorative scarf space. And I’m ready to get rid of a lot of this anxious energy. I’m a worrier. Ok, that’s an understatement. I’m a freaker-outer. (My writing skills seriously amaze me, thanks grad school!) And last week I have a minor (read: major) mental breakdown about various stresses in my life (including my dog getting pancreatitis) and I just need some sort of outdoor outlet to get some much needed Vitamin D and get rid of all this panicky energy that I build up on a regular basis. I would go to the gym, but I’m tired of being indoors. My office has NO WINDOWS. I never know what time it is; it’s like being in a Vegas casino without all the fun and booze.

This past weekend, however, recharged me a bit. I spent the weekend at my parents and both my siblings were there, so it was a lot of me and my brother making fun of everyone and finding ourselves to be hilarious. My favorite quote being this:

I like to think of all of you guys as the muppets, and Jeremy and I as the cool, funny old men in the balcony making fun of you.

I mean, because that’s true.

This weekend I’ve planned my giant SPRING CLEANING (yes, it’s an all caps thing) and I’m buying a garment rack for my dressing room and I’m finally going to hang my vintage plate collection.  Yes, that’s a thing. And next week I’m going to start blogging my Goodwill finds, as I can’t contain myself anymore. I know you will all think they are ugly and that I live in the most ridiculously ugly apartment in the world, but I see my apartment as my boyfriend, and I love him, I mean IT. In the meantime, here are some pictures capturing what’s been up:

I am wearing a costume, “Pretty.”

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I am wearing a costume, “Pretty.”

I’m not going to start this post with an apology, a welcome back, or any of that. Let’s just dive right in.

We had a faux spring in New England a few weeks ago, and it brought back all those loving feelings. Those loving feelings for dresses, that is. I went to the outlets with my mother a couple of weeks ago to get some spring clothes and unexpectedly found that Jones New York, which I typically refer to as “The Mom Store,” had a lovely array of dresses. (Thanks mom!) Below are the two options I was debating…I got both.

I wore the floral one to a friend’s birthday party, which was supposed to be a costume party, so when asked why I wasn’t dressed up my response was,

“I am wearing a costume…I’m pretty.”

Don’t worry, my friends wouldn’t expect anything less from me. And a lot of other people didn’t dress up. I also went to The Gap outlet while I was out and about and got some new jeans, fluorescent shirts (look at me, hitting up a trend!) and a work dress. Can I just say that business attire is really cramping my style? And I can’t wear my nose ring to work, which nearly breaks my bitter, cold, hipster heart?

All together I only spent $105 and I got three dresses, three shirts, and a pair of jeans. I was pleased. And a quick recap of my life is as follows: I spend a lot of money at Goodwill, my apartment is quickly morphing into a 1970s tribute, work is crazy and stressful as usual, I got a record player and sold my TV in the same weekend, I was addicted to pad thai for three weeks, Ham has pancreatitis and was at the vet yesterday,  my hamster is plus sized, and I’m subscribed to two beauty boxes as a way to treat myself while being on a very, VERY structured budget.

Any questions? :)