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My FATshion Icon: ADELE

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My FATshion Icon: ADELE

There aren’t very many plus size celebs. Shocking, I know. I mean, we all know there is Queen Latifah and Kirstie Alley, but as fabulous as they are (though I am so tired of Kirstie Alley hocking diet products…UGH) I’ve never really been able to identify with them style-wise. And I’m not really into models – because they are still models. We just look at them for their bodies – judge if they are too thin or too fat. Models cease to be people it seems – just clothes hangers we judge. I’m guilty of it, too.
But there is one lovely songstress out there who I absolutely adore, and she is none other than the lovely Adele. 

I adore everything about Adele. Her hair, her fashion, her adorable face. That she has a bit of a double chin in some of her photos. She is so fucking human and gorgeous. She wears a lot of black and layers a lot – which are two things that I do CONSTANTLY. I love layering – it takes something plain to a completely different level. And I love black. Not because it supposedly makes you look thinner, because it’s sleek and it matches everything. I wear all black all the time – and so does Adele. Check out some her dresses:

Tiered Dress and Cardigan = Fabulous.

Vintage style black dress with floral

Belted Black Dress

51st Grammy Awards

Every dress she is wearing in the above pictures I either a) have something similar or b) is COMPLETELY my style. The dress with the floral design on the bottom is so 1950s chic – I own several vintage dresses that are the same shape and I ADORE them. The big square neckline is a great alternative to the tradional V-neck for a big bust and looks wonderful on her. The cardigan with the tiered ruffle dress is adorable – and reminiscent of my new tired ruffle dress from Liberty of London for Target. And the black belt dress is chic – it has a bit of glimmer. I love that she wears black often, but it isn’t to hide anything and it certainly doesn’t overtake her – her pale skin and hair are just accentuated. The final outfit is from last year’s grammy awards – the jewel tone coat is beautiful with her coloring and you can’t quite tell, but the dress underneath is another 1950s-esque belted number with a bit of a v-neck.

And Adele has always been comfortable with her size. She’s been anywhere from a UK 14 – 18. And has said:

“People are starting to go on about my weight but I’m not going to change my size because they don’t like the way I look. They can f**k off. My favourite way to relax is to get a pizza or curry and get lots of beer round my house. I also love Malaysian food. My weakness is alcohol.”

I love her. She’s sassy. She’s curvy. She is officially a FATshion Icon.

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Glamour Cover Photoshopped?

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Glamour Cover Photoshopped?

So, along with everyone else, I was excited for the June Glamour cover and I love Crystal Renn. She’s beautiful, she has fabulous curves, and she is proud of her body. So when I saw the Glamour cover, it surprised me when I had to look twice to realize that was INDEED Crystal Renn on the cover….because it certainly didn’t look like the Crystal Renn I’ve seen in many other photos.

Look at the harsh lighting, the shadows to define her stomach and breasts, the way they have her standing with her other leg obscured to “elongate” her body, and all of the text over her body as well. She doesn’t look much different from the other two models….until you see the pictures taken during the shoot that haven’t had photoshop’s graces added to them:

Look at her! She is BEAUTIFUL! She doesn’t need her thighs slimmed, her belly made to look muscular.

How can the title be: “Size 2, Size 12, Whatever!” When Glamour couldn’t even show Crystal Renn in all of her SIZE 12 glory?

Yes, Crystal Renn is ONLY a size 12 or LOWER depending on the size charts – you can google her and find her measurements everywhere: 36C-31-41, and Glamour STILL photoshopped her. I am so excited that 2010 has been the year for the plus-size girl, but is it really, when magazines still have to shave off inches and add definition to make her look like everyone else?

I really try to be excited about plus-size models entering mainstream media, but it’s hard when it seems like some magazines are just pretending to be accepting, instead of REALLY sending the message of:


What do you think? Are you just happy that Crystal Renn is getting press? Or are you a bit disappointed as well?