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From the Dressing Room: Lane Bryant!

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From the Dressing Room: Lane Bryant!

I’m visiting my mom and my sister this weekend in the lovely state of New Hampshire. (Alright, truth be told, I’m not really a fan of NH.) So as soon as I arrived, I corralled my also plus-size sister into taking me to Lane Bryant for a dressing room reveal – because I’m the youngest (and I would probably whine EXTENSIVELY if she said no) she agreed and we went off for childless, motherless, sister bonding time.

My sister’s Lane Bryant always seems to be having HUGE sales, whereas the one near me in MA never does. We came across rack after rack of sale items with an extra 40% off, which I am all about. Let’s get to the pictures, shall we? (Let me apologize in advance for blurry pictures – the lighting in LB is horrible and my camera was displeased!)


Dress: ASOS Shoulderpad Maxi Dress

Vest: Lane Bryant

Necklace: Target

Bangle: Primark

Sunglasses in the background: Gucci

The Haul

I was ambivalent about this tunic. It has a bubble hem, and I love the design, but it just looked…PUFFY. The lace leggings – I LOVE, but I don’t think they work well with tunics – they make my legs look really SHORT and I actually have really long legs. I tried to find a size up in the tunic to see if that would work anything out, but alas there wasn’t one.

VERDICT: Bought leggings! (which I got on sale even though they weren’t because they were put on the wrong rack!)

This was a green kind of silky tunic and the lace leggings again. ONce again, tunic ambivalence. I think I struggle with free form clothing – I tend to like structure, or something I can add structure to (ahem, BIG BELT). I do however, like this color on me, it goes well with my dark hair and light complexion. And this tunic didn’t make my legs look tiny.

VERDICT: Bought leggings

LOVE, LOVE this shirt. I love the seams in the front, the wide bang at the bottom, and the zipper. It’s really lightweight. Oh and it’s black. So of course, I loved it. The leggings were….interesting. They are made out of almost a SPANX-like material and very stretchy. They kind of suck you in. They were ruched at the ankle, but that had this WEIRD crotch seem, that just did not line up. They were also $34.50 which I just wasn’t having.

VERDICT: Bought the top!

Um…this jumpsuit makes me laugh. A lot. I was trying to get out of my comfort zone, and since I am a fan of the jumpsuit trend this year, I grabbed this because it was blue leopard print. But it was ALL wrong. My boobs were falling out everywhere, the halter tie was WAY too long, and the back was low-cut, so there was no fathomable way to rock a bra with this number. And I look like a fat girl that just walked out of the 70s. And not in a good way.


LOVE THESE JEANS! I’ve been trying to find the perfect skinny jean for a while now – because they always end up having the following problems: a) fit in the waist, baggy elsewhere b) tight in the waist, fit the legs c) fit well then stretch out after and hour. These were P-E-R-F-E-C-T. This is a size tighter than I bought. AND LOOK HOW LONG MY LEGS ARE!


Are you ready for this? CASUAL SARAH. It blew my sister’s mind. Me in jeans and a sweatshirt? WHAT? I love these jeans – they are straight leg with paint splatters and fit like a dream. Well these were a little tight (ahem muffin top) but I got the size up and they were fabulous. I really like this top but I didn’t get it due to the fact that I was spending waaaaaaay too much money and it was more a winter top.

VERDICT: Just the jeans.

Overall, a fabulous shopping trip. Especially because the ladies at Lane Bryant made me feel like a rock star as soon as I walked in, they set up a dressing room for me and every 5 seconds they were taking things out of my hands and putting them in my room and calling me by my first name. BRAVO Lane Bryant – I always deserve that treatment ;)

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OOTD: Getting Dirrrrrrty

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OOTD: Getting Dirrrrrrty

I have officially become a gardener. Thank you, thank you. Hold your applause, please. This is my first garden. My own private garden. My secret garden. Alright. Enough of those (and no those were NOT euphemisms for something else). Each apartment in my building has a raised bed, built for us by our darling landlord. We live in a giant building, with each floor being an apartment. It’s lovely, hardwood floors, french doors, a balcony. And my favorite thing: a view of the mountains.

Enjoy my lovely garden! (And my new found photoshop effects!)

Since I know you guys PROBABLY want this amazing outfit:

Shorts: Wal-Mart Danskin

Tee-Shirt: Merona from Target

Crocs: Borrowed from Lo

Fabulous Facial Expressions: ALL MINE!

I'm SMILING! (And Silver!)

Lo said get sexy with I got awkward.


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Why I Will No Longer Support xoxoSkorch Magazine

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Why I Will No Longer Support xoxoSkorch Magazine

DISCLAIMER: Yet again, a disclaimer. I have not said anything about exercising, losing weight, or having a  healthy lifestyle being a bad thing that I would ridicule or judge. It’s a personal choice – just like fashion. Which I why I don’t support the idea of fat vs thin clothing, promoting SPANX for fat girls, and promoting “ways to look thin.” Read on, and you’ll understand. (I hope.)

Up until yesterday, I was a blog affiliate for xoxoSKORCH magazine, the “#1 Plus Size Magazine.” As of today, I will no longer submit my posts, read, or comment on xoxoSKORCH. Officially. And here is why:

In the past few weeks xoxoSKORCH has had a vlogger “Marcy’s Minute” making videos based on a book called “How to Never Look Fat Again.” So there have been videos in the past 2 weeks with topics such as how to dress/look SKINNY, by cutting your hair a certain way, wearing certain things. And then a video about losing weight, with a giant Weight Watchers center in the background, telling woman they can “be healthy” if they are thin, and “look better in clothes.” And the most offensive, in my opinion, was the Fashion Dos and Don’t in which women were found on there street and either praised or ridiculed for what they were wearing by text on the screen. The ultimate offender: the backside of a fat women (no face, not really a head) with a caption about how wearing SPANX are necessary. So, you know, she showed a HEADLESS FATTY.

In Summary: You’ll be  healthy if you lose weight, you’ll look better if you lose weight, you need to wear SPANX to look good, and make sure you only wear CERTAIN things, because you’re fat, and them’s the rules (Royal Tenenbaums anybody?). Needless to say, this has caused an uproar amongst fatshion and fat acceptance bloggers alike. When you visit a Plus-Size Magazine you are looking for PLUS-SIZE FASHION. Not vlogs about how to “dress thinner,” & lose weight pretending to be “fashion advice.”

Newsflash: We’re FAT!

No amount of black, vertical stripes, high heels, SPANX is going to change that! And hey, guess what, THAT IS OKAY! And frankly, as a plus size magazine I can’t believe xoxoSKORCH would think anything otherwise. And the fact that SKORCH got on Twitter, and completely missed the point is EVEN MORE ridiculous:

  • RT if you are a plus size magazine, by default you’re a fat acceptance magazine <–Disagree. We are pro-health.
  • @sueZette81 she’s a 4/6 now..which is awesome…but the issue is everyone being mad about us saying – hey, I go to WW.
  • SERIOUSLY? Seriously. So dropping some LBs is offensive, yet ya’ll stand behind your girl J’hud. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me?

PRO-HEALTH?! How about emotional health? Mental health? And you know what, PHYSICAL health – losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you HEALTHY. So is xoxoSKORCH now saying that losing weight and going to WW is healthy, are us fatties are not? And the issues was never about dropping pounds, and it was never about saying “hey, I go to WW.” We all wrote our reasons, and xoxoSKORCH just completely twisted what everyone has said.
A plus-size fashion magazine should SUPPORT its readers – not shame them & promote hiding your body. Yes, I know it’s technically “one person’s opinion” (though in the tweets xoxoskorch did say “WE”) it is still in a plus size magazine. Other critics have argued that if they are catering to insecure people that’s something wrong with the PEOPLE if they feel like they need to listen…

but plus-size women are a NOTORIOUSLY insecure group of people THAT’S WHY THE FATSHION MOVEMENT BEGAN –  TO EMPOWER US!

xoxoSKORCH is not empowering us. In face they have a page titled “EMPOWERMENT” and it’s blank – if that gives you any clue. I cannot support body shame.

In conclusion, SKORCH, my flame for you, has officially GONE OUT.

P.S. Check out the great video response from Project Lifesize here.

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BIG FAT Summer Challenge!

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BIG FAT Summer Challenge!

I am going to take the BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE.


I just made it up. Obviously. I wrote my letter to summer last week, which was a declaration of things I want to do to liberate myself. So now, ladies (and possibly a few gents out there?) I invite YOU to join me!


Begins: June 1st

Ends: July 31st


  • Wear shorts (NO LEGGINGS, NO TIGHTS!)
  • Wear something without sleeves
  • Wear something STRAPLESS
  • Rock a bathing suit

Yeah, you read it, you guys get to add some more rules to the challenge. We’ll have ten challenges, documented by photographs por favor, that must be completed and entered by the end of July. Once everyone has submitted their entries (write them as a blog post on your blog, and I’ll post all the links here) we’ll have everybody vote on who they think rocked the challenged the best four our


I’m still working out the details of the prize, but trust me, it won’t suck.



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How To Be Happy

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How To Be Happy

This post is purely self-serving. I am in a weird place currently with life, work, the change of seasons, LOST ending (hehe). The usual. And I often lose sight of what exactly makes me happy and just get stuck in a rut of doing the same things: Get up, get in the car, get to work, drink coffee, come home, take a nap, get up, eat something that has semblance of dinner, go back to bed.

What type of life is this?

I need to get out of this! I need to clean my house. Sit on my porch. Read a book. Be outside. Walk my dogs. Paint. I really NEED to paint or collage. I need to sit on the balcony, stare at the mountains, and create something. Our landlord just cut down awkward trees in the backyard, so the view is never-ending now. It’s a 360 view of the mountains. AND our landlord just built us all raised beds for gardening – so I need to get dirty. Get into the EARTH.

This is what I used to do:

Queens in Czech

Family Time

It’s not fabulous, and I’ve never had my art shown (well except for my own walls…where they were HAPPILY accepted) I just do it for myself. But it feels good. I feel accomplished after piecing something together so meticulously. Gluing, painting, chalking, burning, cutting….the process is SO involved and done carefully and lovingly.

I need to start putting that sort of thought and emotion into my daily life.

It’s so easy to just sit at my computer and post pictures and write about clothes, and I love it. But I need to be outside the box again. And I am starting to think that my computer is that “box” in the literal and figurative sense. I need to even be more creative in my fashion – I often forget that writing and fashion are both arts…one of which I devoted my two degrees to, and the other I’m feeling my way through. Regardless, it’s time to get back to LIVING not just surviving.

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