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My Coffee History.

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Coffee is my heaven. I love it. It cheers me up and wakes me up. I could never live without coffee and chocolate. And coffee and chocolate are a fabulous combination. Let’s talk about my coffee history.


Carl and I started out without a coffeemaker in our apartment. I drank coffee, but typically crap coffee I grabbed from the coffee cart before I had class. After a while we got the Senseo Coffeemaker for free through some weird pilot program. It was free and it made only one cup at time which was useful for us because I was the only one up in the morning because Carl worked overnights at the time. So the Senseo is an okay coffeemaker. It doesn’t make great coffee and you don’t have many options for pods and the pods are relatively expensive for how crappy they are. So, we discontinued the use of our Senseo.

Bodum for Starbucks

Flash forward to our transatlantic jaunt to the UK. As a wedding gift, we got a big gift certificate to Starbucks from one of our close friends to get a french press. So we picked out a delightful French Press by Bodum for Starbucks. The French Press is by far my favorite method of making coffee for a nice, strong brew. And it was especially easy in the UK because we were “issued” an electric kettle by the university. We’d buy freshly ground coffee and make french press everyone morning, sitting in our flat with too many windows. But then, the inevitable happened: the glass broke. Bye, bye French Press.

Coffee Cone

After this, Carl found at Poundland (the best discount store ever!) a one cup filter cone.

I know, a WHAAAT? You put a filter in cone, put the cone over a cup, add coffee, and pour hot water over it and it makes a cup of coffee instantly. We used that until we moved back to the States. Sometimes I miss that strange little creature.

Last year, we just had a regular coffeemaker with an espresso attachment. The espresso attachment was far to much of a pain to bother with because Carl and I are inept, and we never drink coffee at the same time so I always made too much coffee and left it in the pot. We did, however, start grinding our own beans and buying more expensive coffee. We also got more into coffee culture – we bought Organic Exchange’s Love Buzz, Costa Rican Tarrazu, illy ground coffee. But we also lived above our favorite coffee shop, Brewhaha, so we often went downstairs to fulfill our needs for fabulous coffee and espresso. (Frappe Classico = my favorite drink EVER!)



And here we are today. For Christmas, I got my favorite coffeemaker – The Tassimo. It’s a single serve coffee brewer that takes T-Discs. It filters the water for the coffee through the water storage container in the back, and makes fresh coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos in under a minute. Why do I love it? Because I am always on the go in the morning. I don’t have time to brew a pot of coffee, I never remember to do it the night before, and with this I press a button and get back to getting ready. Also, it has Starbucks T-Discs. I know, I know, a lot of people don’t like Starbucks coffee, it’s not the best in the world I’m sure, but I enjoy their coffee brewed at home. The African Kimatu is delicious, and their breakfast blend is perfect for the morning. But it’s not only Starbucks that I’m a fan of – the Tassimo offers T-Discs from Milka, Gevalia, Mastro Lorenzo, Jacobs, Seattle’s Best, and more. Yeah, I sound like an advertisement, but I seriously HEART this coffeemaker.

Any other coffee lovers?

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The Right To Live…and Die.

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian

I just read a really interesting article in Newsweek after the new face of the right-to-die movement in the United States. The movement has always been incredibly controversial, with one of the first doctors that advocated and practiced doctor-assisted suicide, Dr. Jack Kervorkian, being sent to jail for 8 years, because he moved on to what reports called “euthanasia.” The movement has become more prevalent recently, with Montana’s supreme court ruling doctor-assisted suicide legal, and the UK debating the legality of assisted suicide right now.

Dr. Lawrence Egbert

Meet Lawrence Egbert – an 82-year-old doctor (trained anesthesiologist) that has worked with Doctors without Borders in Kosovo, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka. He is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church and Doctors for Social Responsibility. Until recently he taught a medical ethics course at John Hopkins University. He has many accomplishments and a self-admittedly huge ego. And he is also the medical director of Final Exit Network (FEN) an assisted suicide network that helps and counsels many ill people commit suicide. The network does not actually participate in the suicide, but after a candidate applies, they review his/her medical records and have four levels of review. If a person is accepted, an “exit guide” is assigned to help the person commit suicide. FEN maintains it is within the limits of the law because they do not ever euthanize a patient.

The controversy lies in the fact that many people don’t believe that suicide is an answer to anything, and also, that people are unsure if FEN evaluates their candidates well enough. There has been a case of a seriously mentally ill woman who was becoming increasingly more psychotic that was assisted by FEN. Should they have helped her? I can’t answer that. Would she have done it without their help? That’s a strong possibility. Either way, was it her choice? Yes.

In a world where people die from terribly painful diseases, including various forms of cancer, and suffer often knowing they will not be cured, why are people so adverse to assisted suicide? I find it so interesting that so many people are against assisted suicide because they want to save lives, don’t appreciate doctors like Egbert “playing god,” and all of the other various arguments…but do these opponents really have an argument? If they don’t support assisted suicide, they shouldn’t attempt to have an assisted suicide. Yes, I think things are often that simple. I know this topic has an enormous gray area, but before I address those issues, isn’t the simplest way to fight assisted suicide if you don’t support it, not participating in it?

Egbert justifies FEN by saying the role of the doctor is to “ease suffering.” And he eases suffering by helping those that are ill or in pain, take their own lives. Many opponents argue, because there have often been patients who have not necessarily been terminally ill that have committed suicide. A Rugby player committed suicide after a spinal cord injury that left him tetraplegic. A man committed suicide after struggling with mouth cancer and have his entire jaw fall apart and have to be reconstructed. These people were in pain. Mental and physical and their lives were not going to improve. Their quality of life had depreciated from what it once was – and they didn’t want to live that way anymore. FEN says the right to die is a civil right – and I’m inclined to agree.

Our society is so strange. We support wars and the death penalty, yet we cannot support letting people die peacefully and on their own accord. We are so concerned with what other people do privately, yet unconcerned with the bigger issues of the world.

What do YOU think?

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Road Trip and Vintage Fatshion

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So, I’m heading on a road trip to NH today with my best friend and my older brother. A couple of these things that make this hilarious.

The Sarahs

Huff and I are really girly, really air-headed, and love the same type of indy/emo/singer

-songwriter type of music. It’s awesome

for us because we share music constantly because we have the EXACT same taste. We switch between my iPhone and her iPod Touch and scream at her car because it has voice activated sync and never understands us. Get the gist?

My brother, is 9 years older than us, likes rap and hard rock, is much more level headed and practical than us. And he is also 6’4″. And we’re making him ride in the backseat. This trip is going to be AMAZING. When I told Carl about it, he first said, “He’s not going to ride in the backseat.” Oh, but he is!

Full doesn't hang like that on me!

In other news, I’ve been back on the vintage clothes route lately, delving into my closet filled with 1950s-1970s dresses and found my favorite wiggle suit and wore it today. It’s very Mad Men -esque. If I had a full digital camera I’d take a pic of it on, but alas, mine broke over the summer and I have yet to replacement. My iPhone is my only little camera. But here are some pics from Etsy – I bought it in November. I adore this dress – and I got it for around $24!

Dress w/ Jacket

Fatshionistas, if you don’t shop Etsy or eBay you are crazy. You can get

wardrobe staples and outrageous things very cheap if you just keep checking. I check eBay nearly everyday – even when I am low on cash – because you never know what you’ll find! Yesterday, I bought a navy blue vintage silk suit, much the style of this one, for $21. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t have nice clothes or wear what other people wear because of my size for two reasons:

1. It’s just not true!

2. I don’t WANT to wear what everyone else wears!

I love the feeling of putting on a vintage dress that fits to perfection, because that means someone 50+ years ago was the exact same size as me and wore this beautiful dress. It’s like wearing a piece of history. I’ll admit I go with some current trends that I enjoy, but I always come back to eBay, Etsy, and of course my BEST FRIEND, The Goodwill!

Where is your favorite place for killer fashion finds?

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TV Shame!

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So, I get pretty righteous about the fact that I don’t have cable. Carl and I, in the 3+ years we’ve lived together have never had cable TV. Not even when we lived in England. Neither of us see the point in spending $50+ to flip through channels for hours when we could be spending that money on something else and doing something else. Pretty good reasoning, right?

Except for the fact that I watch a TON of TV online. I mean, look at this rundown of TV shows: LOST, House, Life Unexpected (which I am sooooo ashamed to watch), Nip/Tuck (which is officially OVER by the way!), Big Love, Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters (further shame) and Big Bang Theory. Oh, and I just started The New Adventures of Old Christine.

So for someone without cable, I watch a LOT of TV.

Cable Free!

My justification? I only watch SPECIFIC shows. AND I watch without commercials. So my TOTAL time of television watching is less. Also, because I don’t have cable to just flip through the channels when I’m bored – so that temptation is gone. Overall, if I average 41 minutes per show, and there are roughly 7 shows per week, that is almost 5 hours of TV a week.

Not bad, right? Not bad at all considering that on average, Americans watch 28 hrs of TV a week. Can you believe that? Over a DAY a week an average American wastes watching TV. AN ENTIRE DAY!

What would you do with those 28 hours if you stopped watching TV for a week? Leave a comment! I want to communicate with my readers!

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I dream of pigs.

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I had a dream the other night that Carl and I adopted a little black pig. And he was

We'd name him Bacon.

Puppy/Schnookie/Ham sized and full grown. And now I want to adopt a little black pig. I feel like he would look like this tiny pig I found online. And obviously, we’d name him Bacon. Schnookie, Puppy, Ham, & Bacon. And he would live like the dogs live. Fancy food, sleeping in bed, long walks, lots of love.

It’s probably no secret, but Carl and I don’t ever want to have children. No, I don’t want to hear “You’ll change your mind.” or “It’s different when they are your children.” and especially not, “You are so young, you can’t know that yet!”

We unequivocally do not want to have children. I am the youngest of four, Carl is an only child. This equals two inherently selfish people that typically put themselves first. Sometimes even before each other. We could change…if we wanted to. But we like our lifestyle – we love to travel, to be spontaneous, to only have to worry about our three little monsters and each other. We don’t want to be tied down or shoulder the responsibility of raising a child. Nor do either of us really like children. We’re both pretty awkward around them and I know I get easily annoyed. I don’t ever feel maternal toward children. I don’t think babies are cute. I don’t want to hold them, play with them, or nurture them. And the thought of the being mine…makes me feel queasy. My whole group of friends is child-free. And we talk about it and acknowledge it because it’s okay to NOT procreate.

Now, back to my pig. He would blend in perfectly with the fam – I mean, even Schnookie isn’t going to boss around a pig.

Puppy, Ham, & Bacon

The boys would cuddle on the dog bed. And bond. They would all greet me at the door when I get home. Three barking, one snorting. Can’t you just see my household with a pig? I even found these pigs, the Royal Dandies, that are the smallest pot bellied pigs in the WORLD! (And for around $5000 each they better be.) After looking at those pictures, who wouldn’t want a miniature pig?

Maybe someday…

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