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Gabourey Sidibe...vacuuming?

- Gabourey Sidibe is going to be hosting SNL.

Plus Size no more!

How’s that for a big fuck you to Howard Stern?

- Jennifer Hudson is the new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers

Is ANYONE else actually bummed about this? Another fatshionista, gone!

- Macy Gray is relaunching her plus-size line “Humps.”

This could be promising…except for the fact that all I can think of is the Black Eyed Peas song when I read this.

Let's hope the clothes don't look like this...

- Leading fashion designer Rosemary Masic, from womenswear label Nevenka in Australia, refuses to make sizes above AU 14 because it “sends an unhealthy message.”

So what kind of message does a size 00 send?

New study says that plus-size models lower women’s self-esteem.

Oh yeah, I know I feel horrible about myself when I see a model my size.


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My Top iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

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Here’s a side of me that hasn’t come out that much on my blog…the epically nerdy side! Because I am obsessed with my iPhone and gadgets and being (faux) organized I am constantly buying new apps for my iPhone. And because they are so cheap I can

always justify spending 99 cents (even if I buy like 10 99 cent apps…ahem). Last night before I went to bed, I went on a bit of an app binge, and because I am always try to be organized, I felt the need to delete some apps I don’t really use to keep my pages organized on

Doodle Jump dude

my phone. So, the following are my Top 5 Favorite Apps (though no necessarily the ones I use all the time, but the coolest ones.)

  1. Doodle Jump – I basically play this game 10 times a day at least. That sounds like a lot, but with this game, it definitely isn’t. You’re a little green guy, that jumps from platform to platform. To control it you tilt your iPhone side to side. There are obstacles, such as monsters and spaceships that can kill you, but you HAVE TO KEEP JUMPING. My high score is 44449. Carl also refers to this game as the “Sarah-is-bored” game, because I typically play it when I’m not paying attention to him.
  2. Facebook - Yeah, I know, pathetic choice right? But seriously, the Facebook App I like better than the real facebook. It’s so simple, it tells me when I have messages, I can Facebook chat, and my ULTIMATE FAVORITE FEATURE: I can sync my contacts from Facebook with those in my phone. So it will put their e-mail addresses, Facebook link, and their CURRENT Facebook picture! AMAZING! I know a lot of people are all anti-Facebook, but I actually use it to keep in contact with people – especially my college friends because we’re quite scattered from one another.
  3. where – where is an all in one app for wherever you are, basically. The app locates you, and then has options to look at all of the following local things: News, Movies, Events, Reviews, Gas Prices, Traffic, Weather, Starbucks etc And you can map everything through built it maps. It’s awesome for traveling because you locate anything you want, and even see reviews of the places – which is especially helpful for restaurants. How many times have you seen a restaurant while you are on the road, but you’re not sure if you want to waste your time?
  4. Shazam – I cannot even begin to express my love for Shazam! Shazam uses technology I don’t quite understand to identify a song just by holding tapping a button. It’s AWESOME. My husband and I use it in the car constantly to a) discover new music and b) Prove each other wrong about who we think the artist on the radio is. Due to Shazam, I have discovered Phoenix, Silversun Pickups, and more. And it helps me prove Carl wrong, so it’s good for my self-esteem. ;)
  5. And finally, Hipstamatic. Yup, it’s a hipster camera app. You get different lenses, coloring, and flashes to make your own hipster-fashioned pictures. I love it – their motto is “Digital photography never looked so analog.” I get to take vintage pics without all of the cameras – works for me!
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