Spring Fatshion: Part 2

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Welcome back for Part Deux! I hope you enjoy my fatshion logo, that’s a German sculpture called Fett Gret, which translates to Fat Gretchen. And I think Gretchen looks great – so she’s become my fatshion representative.

Onto to clothing!¬† If you haven’t noticed – I have a slight aversion to color in my wardrobe, unless it is outrageous vintage. If I am going for a more modern sleek look I choose either black or gray. Why? I love the simplicity and I love the potential for mixing and matching. If I could take a picture of my closet, the left would be filled with crazy brightly colored and patterned dresses, and the right is black tops, sweaters, cardigans, shrugs, etc. I also LOVE wide belts. It’s a ridiculous obsession of mine. My favorite big belt is a three buckle 4″ wide belt from Target. I have THREE of them, due to my intense fear that one will break or Hami will chew on it (which has happened!) I wear wide belts constantly – it’s a habit I am slowly trying to break, because I mean, I don’t know how many years I can hold on to this trend. (If I had it my way, FOREVER!)

So this morning, Torrid had it’s AMAZING 50% clearance sale, which I have been waiting for because otherwise I think Torrid is FAR too expensive for the quality of its items. (I mean seriously, $100 for a cheap dress?) However, I do like the versatility of Torrid – they tend to dress the models to look very young, but I picture how I would wear each item before making a decision, because I hate some of the outfits they put together. (Like tights with hearts on them and tops with faux necklaces on the neckline? What IS WITH THOSE?!) Also, the Torrid sale always sells out quickly, but since I get up at the crack of dawn for work, I luck out. Here is what I found and what I’m going to do with it. Descriptions and ideas after the cut!

  1. Side Zip Leggings – Been dying to try some different style leggings. I like my old stand-bys that I actually get at Wal-Mart for $5, but I wanted something with a bit more edge without going into that slightly strange trend of leggings that pretend to be jeans (why not wear jeans? Will someone explain that to me?)
  2. Sailor Dress - I have been dying for a sailor dress, but I wanted a more updated version, as my vintage closet is already busting. This ponte knit dress has a denim weave and a fabulous silhouette¬† – I LOVE skirts that come out at the hips. I have big hips, but I don’t mind a little more! I doubt I’ll wear this without a shrug or cropped coat/blazer. I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless numbers, but I like layers.
  3. Pinstripe Rosette Dress - Oh, how I HEART this dress. Rosette? Vertical stripes? Bubble hem? Throwing some leggings on with this and heels, and I might pair with a button down tie neck shirt underneath. Can’t WAIT for this dress!!
  4. Gray Peplum Dress – This is very chic – I could probably wear this to work with a blazer and tights. It’s a stretchy material with a front peplum and tiered layer – I think I’m in love with peplum…
  5. Teal Double Peplum – Yup, more peplum. Love this dress for its sleeves and neckline and the backline – which are both Deep V’s.
  6. High Waist Mini Skirt – I got into the high waist trend when I lived in the UK and have not been able to find any that I really like since. Then I saw this lovely number. It’s hard to see the waist in this picture – but the waist is like 4 buttons. Can’t wait to throw on a batwing sleeved top and tuck it in with what else? OH A BIG BELT!
  • http://boombands.blogspot.com Emma

    Oh My Gosh – I missed the sale, but you totally bought two that were in my wish list section – The Sailor Dress and the Peplum Tank Dress! LUCKY!!! I can’t wait to hear what they are like on! x.

  • admin

    I loooooooove when Torrid has a sale! With shipping and 15% off, I got everything for $121!!!

  • http://www.americanchoirgown.com v stole

    Well, those are stunning dresses I must say. The cut really compliment on big women.