Chic, Cheap, Shoes

Posted on Dec 1, 2010 in Fashion | 16 comments


So, I like shoes. Not as much as many other bloggers. In fact, I’ve always envied other bloggers’ shoe collections. When I shop I always forget to order shoes. I never even really think about them. But after getting my enormous shoe collection from my apartment, I saw a lot of things I am missing. I need more edgy heels, booties. A lot of my shoes are business heels and summer heels. Whenever I want to experiment with a new style I also don’t want to invest in good pair of heels if I’m unsure about them. My expensive shoes are classics, so I know I can always wear them. So, where is a girl to shop for cheap, fashion forward shoes? My friend Beth kept telling me about this cheap shoe site, and finally remember to have me write it down – No plus size clothes – but all the shoes are RIDICULOUSLY cheap – between $15-32 a pair.  Here are my current favs:

Where is your favorite place for cheap shoes?

  • TerrysTwoCents

    Some great choices there!

  • Bqueenly

    I love! I am always talking about them on my blog! I have the ones at the top right and I plan on getting the ones in the middle on the bottom row.

  • Mary

    The thrift store. I’ve gotten so many awesome shoes for .50 a pair!

  • micaela shambee

    I like Charlotte Russe! They go up to a size 11 and the shoes are under 40 bucks (for the most part). Recently they had a buy one get one for $15 dollar sale. Hmm, I think I am going to check that out now…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have a single Charlotte Russe near me :(

      • Rachel

        No, but there is by me! With that being said, I guess that means u need to visit more often!

  • Tandyface

    You know how much I LOVE shoes, and honestly, some of my favorite pairs I got at Target or They’re usually pretty inexpensive, and I can ALWAYS find fabulous footwear! I also really like Macy’s, but those get a little expensive sometimes, however, their Clearance racks are pretty good if you have the time to browse!! :)

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE Target for shoes.

  • Mary Contrary

    I’ve always loved shoes, but just recently started buying heels to wear regularly. I prefer to try on shoes before buying, because I don’t want them to be ridiculously uncomfortable & you can actually find fairly comfortable heels if you keep trying on. I haven’t gotten to the point where I feel comfortable trying cheap shoes from online… but maybe if I have more disposable income, I’d be brave & possibly have a pile of shoes to return cuz they hurt like a bitch.

  • Mary Contrary

    With that said, I can look at shoes all day. Site bookmarked.

  • StephanieDJL

    Those buckle wedges are AMAZING.

    • Anonymous

      I KNOW! They aren’t in my size *tear*

  • BBM

    giiirllll u have me drooling over all those shoes! and thanks for the website tip … must check it out ASAP! xoxo!

  • theplussideofme

    I just spent an insane amount of time looking at their website. So many options!

  • Jenny Stamos

    love the ones on the bottom right. i need more shoes! :)

  • Jenny Stamos

    love the ones on the bottom right. i need more shoes! :)