How I Survive A Crisis

Posted by on Nov 15, 2010 in Fashion, Life | 18 comments

Well, here I am. Right after I wrote that last post, I realized I NEED to blog. I need a reason to get up in the morning. I need something to do. I need to WRITE. In essence, without going into the details, my entire life has fallen apart. And I am not being dramatic in the least. (Oh, how I wish I was!) But I’m alive, living at my parents in NY with my three monsters. Which I guess is the best thing I have going for me right now. And it’s time to start over. But I thought I’d share with you the how I’ve been (barely) surviving, with what else? A LIST!

1. Chocolate cake for breakfast. A friend of the family made me my favorite cake – Mocha cake. It’s a dark chocolate cake with homemade mocha frosting. I die for it. And I haven’t had it in years. And the best part? No one else likes it except for me. So a cup of coffee and a slice of mocha cake is a DELIGHTFUL way to start each day.

2. Cable TV. Anyone that knows me knows that I haven’t had cable television in….5 years? Maybe longer? And now suddenly having cable has been the perfect mind numbing activity. How have I missed out of the Real Housewives phenomenon? And Top Chef: Just Desserts? AND ANYTHING ON BRAVO? Not to mention I just jumped on the Grey’s Anatomy wagon, which I never wanted to because it’s a terrible show, but now it’s a guilty pleasure. Oh and of course, ENDLESS House marathons. Hugh Laurie is my angel.

3. Orange Juice with lots of pulp. Not quite sure why, but for some reason having a couple of glasses of OJ everyday is one of the few simple pleasures I have. I particularly fond of Simply Orange’s HIGH pulp. I drink it with everything. Pizza. Cake. Sandwiches. it’s my go to drink of choice. And I’ve recently begun mixing it with Odwalla smoothies for even MORE fun.

4. Decorating. My childhood bedroom was painted baby blue with painted purple, silver, and yellow polkadots. So, walking into it was like walking into high school. With the encouragement of my mother (and my own desperation to avoid the thoughts in my head) I began designing my room. First I picked out a color: Crushed Orange by Behr. Yes, Orange. First I thought “RED!” and then realized red is a bit of an angry color. And I need a HAPPY color. And despite my entire family’s objection to the color orange (because no one EVER trusts my design decisions!) I bought the paint. And this bitch PAINTED. And primed. And made a huge mess for days (and I still keep finding spots of primer on my body and orange highlights in my hair.) It’s pretty fabulous looking but not close to being done – once it is I’ll have a full room update.

5. And finally, technology. My motto is, “I get sad, I buy technology.” And this still holds true. Since the aforementioned life-falling-apart-incident I’ve indulged myself a bit with technology. The iPhone 4. A white 19″ LCD TV. A zillion iPhone games to keep myself occupied. Once I save up some more money, my next investment? An iPad. And then maybe I’ll start thinking logically and trying to put my life back together. But not yet.

How do you deal with a crisis? Any suggestions of things I can do with myself?

  • Natalie Mulford


    I LOVE Orange Juice! If I wasn’t diabetic & if it didn’t give my crazy heart burn I would drink OJ all day, every day! It’s soooooo good!

  • bethamint

    I’m really glad you’re back – it’s much better to see you blogging about stuff and getting busy decorating and eating amazing cake than going on hiatus and shutting the world out, you know? It seems like a turning point, a good one! I’ve missed you so much!

    As for me in a crisis… I’m a stress-baker, but I’m not much of a stress-eater (but I do lick the spoon). I bake things and give them away. People always smile when you bake goodies for them too, so I guess it cheers me up in a strange way. I also find I feel a lot better after I’ve tidied or revamped (or redecorated) my space, it helps to get a fresh start when you’ve got a fresh room. And I try and take lots of walks, preferably with my dog if I’m in the right country.

    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking cupcakes….

  • Stilettosiren

    Glad to see you back at it. Blog it will help, emerse yourself completely into something other then your problems. Oh and come visit me in Idaho. You know you want to!

    • Anonymous

      Oh I may visit the non-existent state.

  • Kae

    If my crisis this year is any indication, I fall off the face of the blogging earth, have a meltdown, engage in horrible behavior like not mailing prize packages (I haven’t forgotten you, I swear, but my money and will power are gone until Christmas), encourage my itty bitty sugar glider to sleep inside my hoodie pocket, and eat lots and lots of Oreos with brightly colored stuffing (the red ones for winter are out now, but I prefer the orange halloween ones).

    Ideas? I don’t really have any, since as you can see, I’m not coping very well with my crisis so you probably don’t want my advice.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, darling, it’s totally okay, I was worried about you! E-mail me me if you ever want to talk to share ways to deal with a crisis. I make my dogs spend all their time with me!

  • Mary

    My entire life is a crisis. lol. Lately I got into Mad Men and having been marathoning entire seasons while I work.

    • Anonymous

      OH I already did that or I would haha I LOVE Mad Men. I recently got into 30 Rock – finally, something that makes me LAUGH!

  • ThePlusSideofMe

    I can get anxiety attacks, so I take St. John’s Wort herbal supplement. It’s natural and is supposed to promote a positive mood. It helps me feel less depressed and less frazzled. My mom swears by it, and I always made fun of her for it. Now I’m taking it every day, and it works so well!

  • Full Figure Plus

    Reading and listening to music help me survive just about anything that comes my way.

  • poet

    Ow… what happened? Anyway… I know how crises feel. What I cannot recommend enough, even though it’s been recommended by everyone, is dressing your best even if you feel your worst (of course while still keeping it comfortable). Makes you feel better… If you can concentrate on reading, losing yourself in a good book is also an idea. And for music, don’t choose anything too cheerful, start out with something slightly melancholy – counterintuitive, but it’s more soothing.

    Good luck, you seem to be doing an awesome job at handling the crisis already!


  • Amy Nievera

    I eat. Sleep a lot. Watch a shitload of mind numbing TV. Play games that preoccupy me just enough for hours and hours. Oh! And reading trash books because I spend half my time agonizing how awful this writing is rather than how awful my life is.

  • Rachael

    When I have a crisis I do two things. First, I clean out my pantry of all pasta (by eating it, of course) and lay in the bed watching terrible TV. Once I’ve eaten so much linguini that I’m worried it might come out of my ears, I hit the gym. Getting in there and getting sweaty is a great way to release stress and really helps me think through things. Some of my best thinking has happened on a treadmill!

    Hope things turn around for you!

    Rachael at

  • Laura Connell

    In a crisis, I pray. I work on accepting the situation rather than wishing it were any different and I remember to be grateful for the things I already have. I also cry ALOT.

  • lisa

    I cry; it’s a cathartic vent for pent-up emotions…they just come out my eyeballs instead of being kept inside me.

  • Liz

    I hope you’re okay, I don’t know what’s happened but I hope you know how much you’ve inspired me – you’re a fabulous writer and I love reading you blog posts :) When I’m going through a crisis, I watch my favourite DVDs or TV programmes or write or read. I basically just switch off my brain and let myself become immersed in something else. Failing that, I talk to the people closest to me, or have a good cry. Crying can be cathartic, so long as it isn’t the desperate painful kind. I also love getting involved in any sort of creative project like you :) Also, I’m there if you want to talk or just chat about anything!

  • Sunnygirl8835

    ignore them.they are crazy todo anything they want to do